What Type of Web Hosting Services Should You Use?

There are several different types of web hosting services that one could use. Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS, and Dedicated Servers. I will be going over what each of these types of accounts do, and what their intended use is. The absolute most commonly used out of all of these is just a regular web hosting account. This type if account is very versatile, and can be used for a myriad of reasons.... [Read more of this post]

Tips for Being a Successful Reseller Host

Being a successful reseller host takes a lot of skill. Here are some tips that should lead you to the path of success. The first thing to mention and is of utmost importance is SEO. Yes, I’m sure if you’ve read previous blog posts, you know how much I try and hit this point home, but that is because it really is the one thing that can make or break you. SEO (search engine optimization)... [Read more of this post]

7 Tips For Online Businesses

  Have a Plan – Before you do anything like buying books, it is important to have a set plan as to what you want to do with your business. Things to consider would be what kind of business you want to start, what your goals are, how big you want to be, etc… It will only hurt you if you decide to just jump in head first without any kind of plan. This includes a contingency plan, it... [Read more of this post]

Magento Database Cleaning

Magento is an excellent platform, but it unfortunately falls short when it comes to having an efficient database. When selling a myriad of products, it’s a smart idea to have a sizable database. Managing the database by performing regular log cleanings can drastically improve the performance of your website along with its latency. The following is a walk through of how to tidy up a Magento database... [Read more of this post]

Things to Consider When Starting a Web Hosting Company

Starting up a successful web hosting company can be quite difficult if one is not properly equipped with knowledge as to how to do it. Think about it, when you start selling web space, in a sea of other people selling the same thing, how do you get customers to get their web hosting from you? What Makes You so Special? Most people that are going to be buying web hosting from you are not going to be... [Read more of this post]